Best Budget Mountain Bikes of 2023

Rocky Mountain Instinct Carbon 91

Searching for the best budget mountain bike We researched virtually every wallet-friendly model on the market before buying five to test and compare. Our selection includes 3 hardtails and 2 full-suspension models that all retail around or less than $1,500. Despite the budget-friendly price tags, our team of professional mountain bike testers pushed each model to its limits in an effort to uncover strengths and weaknesses. In the process, we discovered that there are some great affordable options to get you out on the trail if you’re working on a super tight budget or just getting into the sport.

When you’re ready for an upgrade, take a look at our top mountain bike recommendations. We offer an extensive selection of reviews for your bike gear too. From the best mountain bike tires to our favorite MTB shorts and the most protective and best mountain bike helmets, our professional mountain bike testers can help you find what you need.


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