Fusion Floyd SL review

Scott Genius 950

It ain't cheap but it's worth it, and thrives off speedy downhills

There aren’t many sub-25lb full sussers around like the Fusion for this sort of cash. An SL frame on its own, with the Fox Float R shock would cost you a whopping £1399. Alternatively, the ‘basic’ Floyd frame costs £1199, or £1799 complete. You can check out more information on these at the German parent site www.fusionbikes.de .


The SL is a thoroughbred race machine

The SL frame has a lighter tube set than ‘standard’ models and a lighter linkage that’s optimised to work with the Fox air shock. This, combined with a great componentry selection on our complete bike, all conspires to create a thoughtfully designed and well equipped machine that could be seriously competitive on the international marathon circuit, not to mention in a flat out cross country race.


The SL is a thoroughbred race machine that’s very much at home in head down cross country battlezones, but also well matched to the speed and comfort needed in marathon events or on big days out.


As if the basic package isn’t enough to get you drooling, you also have the option to order a Floyd with a choice of seven different basic parts specifications, plus colour varieties and upgrades through to a full XTRspecced top dog at £4199. We tested the ‘sensible’ version, leaving a lot more cash in our pockets. Our bike weighed a paltry 24.3lb before we added pedals, and we’ve been incredibly impressed with its performance to date.

We reckon it’s probably one of the best marathon race bikes out there.


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