Gary Fisher Big Sur review

This may be one of the best all-round race and trail bikes we’ve ridden to date.

When you see the Big Sur you can’t help but wonder if it will stand up to hard trail and expedition use. The carbon stays and lightweight forks scream ‘Race Me!’ but then you see some trail ready touches too.


The R7 forks are 100mm travel not 80mm, and there are Hayes HFX-9 stoppers while the fork steerer comes with a spacer selection so you can set the low-riser bars to a comfy trail riding position.


You’ll instantly notice that this lightweight flyer rides superbly well. It’s just so light that you can flick it in any direction you choose, while the slightly elongated wheelbase, excellent ride position and good forks give you the feeling of confidence and stability. Before our test expedition even began we used this bike to practice back-hops and bunnyhops on, it just felt so good and so quick, and did what it was told.


Once out on the test ride, the big concern was how such lightweight gear would hold up. The R7 forks performed extremely well and with a lifetime warranty on the frame, Gary Fisher is clearly confident about its AC/DC design, as it calls its carbon fibre stays on alloy frames. Just to be certain, though, we’ll be giving the Big Sur a thorough going over in The Lake District for the rest of the season. If it holds up as well as we’d like to expect, then this may be one of the best all-round race and trail bikes we’ve ridden to date.


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