GT Aggressor review

Scott Scale 951

The best £200 real mountain bike we’ve ridden yet

Original BMX brand GT has always made great basic bikes and the Aggressor is almost certainly the best £200 bike we’ve ever ridden.

Real Performance

For a start, the frame is properly sized for progressive riding. No patronising ‘sit up and beg’ compact dimensions here, but a full length frame, with a decent length, normal rise handlebar stem.

This immediately makes the bike easy to ride as hard as you want without struggling for breath or stretch, and the weight balance is excellent for cornering, traction or popping either end up over obstacles when they jump into view.

The frame isn’t the usual harsh abusive nail you get for a couple of hundred quid, either. In fact, it rides as smoothly as most sub £500 bikes and, surprisingly, it’s nowhere near as heavy as you’d expect for the price. Even the RST fork uses its 65mm wisely to chamfer the edges off sharp stuff without bouncing or clanging around in complaint. You have to be a bit careful with the slippery centre ridge tyres, but the infectious ‘can do’ character of the bike makes them a challenge not a curse. There’s plenty of ground clearance as well. The frame is fully fitted ready for racks, mudguards and even disc brakes, while overall spec is complaint free too.

To be completely honest with you, this isn’t the lightest bike here or even the fastest one you’ll find, but the GT Aggressor is undoubtedly the best if you plan to do serious off-road riding. We rode it uncompromisingly hard through all our favourite techy singletrack and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it – which is remarkable for the £200 price tag.


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