The 4 Best Mountain Bikes Under $3000

Are you searching for the best mountain bike under $3000 We researched virtually every model on the market in the $1900-$3000 price range and bought 6 bikes for side-by-side testing. Our team of professional mountain bike testers rode these bikes for months while analyzing their performance, design, and build kit. You can easily spend a small fortune on a new mountain bike these days, but after testing these affordable models, it’s clear that you don’t have to. Bikes in this price range are improving dramatically, and there are lots of great options to suit any riding style and budget.

If funds aren’t quite so tight and you’re looking for an awesome trail mountain bike, our bike testers have outlined the best ones in our write-up. We’ve tested a lot of various bikes and bike gear over the years, so whether you’re looking for the best bike pump, best bike saddle, or a top-rated electric bike, we can help uncover the best models for your needs.


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